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List of Available Recordings (click to expand)
Family Mediation and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Lawrence R. Jones, Jared B. Oberweiss, Cynthia-Policastro Smith, and Joni Jones4/11/2024
SPLIT-UP: The TEEN Years: Leveraging The Power of Children’s Perspectives in Co-Parenting MediationEllen Bruno and Christina McGhee2/14/2024
Bringing Unconscious or Inner Thinking into the Mediation Process to Create Understanding Between PartiesGerry O’Sullivan12/06/2023
Reflective Practice & the Structured Reflective Instrument for Continuously Improving 3rd-Party InterventionsMichael D Lang and Tzofnat Peleg-Baker, PhD11/16/2023
Beyond Protocols: The Art and Science of Interdisciplinary Family MediationForrest "Woody" Mosten and Kate Scharff9/27/2023
APFM Town Hall 2023 - Mediator Mindset: The Inside Job of a Family MediatorMichael Aurit, Lani Baron, Genesis Fisher, Larry Fong, Alex Glassman, David Hoffman, Tracey-Leigh Wessels, Andrew Weber8/31/2023
APFM International Roundtable of Mediation Presidents and Leaders (2023)Steve Menack5/03/2023
Family Mediation and Autism Spectrum DisorderLawrence R. Jones, Paul Prior, Cynthia-Policastro Smith, and Joni Jones4/19/2023
Premarital MediationAmanda Singer and Kristyn Carmichael3/22/2023
How To Attract More Clients By Speaking on Virtual StagesSylvia Garibaldi12/07/2022
APFM International Roundtable of Mediation Presidents and Leaders (2022)Steve Menack11/02/2022
2022 Annual MeetingSteve Menack8/25/2022
APFM Town Hall 2022 Series: The Power of AuthenticityMichael Aurit, Dina Haddad, Jen Hawthorne, Chip Rose, Don Saposnek, Tracey-Leigh Wessels, and Jocelyn Wurzburg7/21/2022 & 8/25/2022
Mediation in the Framework of Domestic ViolenceDarcia Tudor6/9/2022
Seismic Changes in the College Planning LandscapeSteve Sirot and David Slater5/11/2022
Family Mediation and Autism Spectrum DisorderLawrence R. Jones, Paul Prior, Cynthia-Policastro Smith, and Joni Jones4/7/2022
How Fathers Experience Family Mediation – Findings from a New Zealand Study
Nurit Zubery1/26/2022
Crucially Important Update on Advanced Credentialing for All MediatorsSteve Menack, Steve Erickson, Marilyn McKnight, Martin Kranitz, and David Lewis11/30/2021
Town Hall Series 2021: Mediator’s Search For Meaning 2.0 (Part 2: The Heart of the Mediator)Michael Aurit, David Hoffman, Michael Lang, Jocelyn Wurzburg, Leyla Balakhane, Crystal Thorpe, and Max Markin7/15/2021
Town Hall Series 2021: Mediator’s Search For Meaning 2.0 (Part 1: The Mind of the Mediator)Michael Aurit, Nina Meierding, Deborah Sword, Susan Guthrie, Larry Fong,
Don Saposnek, and Alex Glassmann
Google Ads for Family Mediators: Delivering Potential Clients to Your Website with the Flip of a Switch Cliff Rohde5/26/2021
Mediating a Divorce When a Child Has Autism Spectrum Disorder (Part 2: Finances)Lawrence R. Jones, Cynthia Haddad, and Paul Prior4/30/2021
Who Keeps the Dog? How Can You Bring the Pet’s Perspective into the Divorce Process?Karis Nafte3/23/2021
Mediating a Divorce When a Child Has Autism Spectrum Disorder (Part 1: Parenting) Lawrence R. Jones, Michael C. Selbst, Cynthia-Policastro Smith, and Joni Jones2/10/2021
(Diversity Workshop Series) Unconscious Bias: Creating an Understanding that Works for Everyone with David Campt (Part II)David Campt1/29/2021
(Diversity Workshop Series) Unconscious Bias: Creating an Understanding that Works for Everyone with David Campt
David Campt11/20/2020
Intimate Partner Abuse in Adults and Divorce Mediation Tina Zhang7/31/2020
Emotional Regulation & Improving Communication Skills: What Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Concepts Can Teach Family MediatorsTammy Berman 6/25/2020
Dealing with Difficult People During COVID-19 Bill Eddy6/3/2020
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 6: Mediating Financial Issues Online During This Unprecedented Economic CrisisMichael Aurit, Laury Adams, Lani Baron,
Robert Bordett, Kristyn Carmichael,
Justin Kelsey, Chip Rose, and Amanda Singer
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 5: Screening Online for Domestic ViolenceMichael Aurit, Connie Beck, Sue Bronson, Robin Deutsch, Elizabeth Hyde
Marilyn McKnight, and Ellen Waldorf
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 4: Cutting Edge Ideas for Parenting Plans Affected by COVID-19Michael Aurit, Robin Deutsch, Bill Eddy, Larry Fong, Hilary Linton, Ken Neumann, and Don Saposnek5/1/2020
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 3: Marketing Online Divorce and Family MediationMichael Aurit, Jim Melamed, Amanda Singer, Justin Kelsey, Barry Davis, Woody Mosten, Rebecca Neale, and Julie Gentili Armbrust4/10/2020
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 2: Mediating Family Issues Related to COVID-19Michael Aurit, Steve Erickson, Marilyn McKnight, Jim Melamed, Forrest “Woody” Mosten, Ken Neumann, Don Saposnek, Amanda Singer4/3/2020
Religion & Politics: Mediating Values-Based DisputesAlex Glassman 3/31/2020
COVID-19 Town Hall Series Part 1: Online Mediation Nuts and BoltsMichael Aurit, Jim Melamed, Amanda Singer, Max Markin, Clare Fowler, Justin Kelsey, and Barry Davis3/27/2020
Introduction to Business ValuationsDavid Consigli 2/25/2020
Predicting risk and safety in family mediationHilary Linton 1/21/2020
Research for Family Mediators: Recent Findings with Relevance for PracticeRobert Emery9/10/2019
New Ways for Families®: Teaching Clients Key Skills for MediationBill Eddy6/13/2019
The Underbelly and Dynamics of High-Conflict DivorceDon Saposnek5/23/2019
Special Needs Children in Mediation CasesDon Saposnek3/28/2019
Asking Good Questions: If We’re Born Curious, Why Must the Art of Questioning Be Taught? Michael Lang1/24/2019
Beyond Settlement: Fifty Shades of SatisfactionMichael Lang 9/25/2018
The Children’s Support Account: A Cooperative Alternative to Disputes Over Child SupportSteve Erickson and Marilyn McKnight6/13/2018
Impasse Strategies for Divorce MediatorsSteve Erickson and Marilyn McKnight5/16/2018
Mediating Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements: Challenges and OpportunitiesVicki L. Shemin and Jonathan E. Fields4/18/2018
Emerging Issues in Mediating with Same Sex CouplesMarta J. Papa2/23/2018
Conflict with Older Adults: Is Elder Mediation the Answer?Anita Dorczak1/26/2018
Mediator ResilienceStephen H. Sulmeyer12/6/2017
The Cultural Mindset: Thinking Globally – Acting LocallyAfsaneh Nahavandi11/13/2017
Collaborative Mediation: The New Divorce SolutionStacey Langenbahn10/12/2017
What Does Your Child Think of Her Best Interests? – Guidelines for Including the Child in MediationDon Saposnek9/20/2017
Come Together Right Now Over Mediation: Using Peer Groups to Improve Your PracticeMichael Aurit, Justin L. Kelsey, and Amanda D. Singer8/30/2017
Proposal-Focused MediationBill Eddy7/27/2017
What Mediators Need to Know About Mental Health ConcernsDan Bernstein4/11/17
Creating and Building A Family Mediation PracticeVirginia L. Colin2/7/2017
Get It in Writing: A Scrivener Skills Session for MediatorsKen Rosenbaum11/16/2016
Introduction to Parenting CoordinationMarie Termini10/5/2016
Crafting and Drafting Parenting PlansDon Saposnek8/2/2016
Marital MediationJohn Fiske7/6/2016
Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb): Benefits & ChallengesCarol W. Hickman and Arlene H. Henry6/28/2016
Towards a Uniform Model of Screening and Safety Planning for Family Dispute Resolution ProfessionalsCarol W. Hickman and Arlene H. Henry5/17/2016
Creative Core Financial Solutions: Facilitating Client-Centered SuccessChip Rose1/19/2016
Family Mediation and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Family Mediation and Autism Spectrum Disorder

This 90-minute presentation was held on April 7, 2022, and addresses issues which often arise during mediation sessions and settlement discussions, and how mediators may constructively help parents discuss and settle such issues.

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Effective Allyship: Connecting Across Differences (Part 1)

Effective Allyship: Connecting Across Differences (Part 1)

This two-part workshop series will focus on the skills and tools needed to build relationships across differences and will be led by Matthew Freeman and Dr. David Campt. Part 1 took place on February 17, 2022. Part 2, a continuation of Part 1, is on March 17, 2022. No recording available.

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