APFM Webinars

APFM webinars are offered live as a benefit to APFM members. Others may pay a fee to attend a live webinar.

To register for an upcoming webinar, click on the webinar of interest below to be taken to the registration page.

If you have an idea for a future APFM webinar, please contact Bob Horwitz at [email protected]


Upcoming Webinars and Online Courses

To learn more about a webinar or course, or to register, click on the item of interest below. Look for details and registration soon for:

  • Michel Zelnick will provide an update on neuroscience and emotion and how emotion gets in the way of mediation (date TBD)


No Upcoming Webinars Currently Scheduled

Please check back again later.

Past Webinars for APFM members: Log in Required

Our goal is to make prior APFM webinars available to members to view online any time. Webinar recordings are available only to APFM members logged into the website. APFM members may either:

  1. Log in here and then return to this page to choose a recorded webinar; or
  2. Click on the “LOG IN” link below the webinar you’d like to view. When you login, you should be returned automatically to the page where you can view the webinar you’ve selected.

Once logged in, you can view as many recorded webinars as you like.

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