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Mediation and Our Spiritual Journeys in a Material World

By Larry Gaughan | Even during divorce, perhaps the best way to describe our paths through life is that we are each on a spiritual journey. Mediators can help people refocus on their new spiritual journeys through the material world of present family finances and future security.

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Do Retired Judges Really Mediate?

By Larry Gaughan | Many retired judges call the process they use mediation, but a good look at what they do shows that it has almost all of the characteristics of the adversarial litigation system. One basic principle of every set of mediator ethics is that mediation not be coercive. When there are very long meetings (sometimes past midnight), often with a trial date close at hand, and with the expectation that an agreement or order must be signed before anyone leaves, the parties are likely to feel coerced.

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Divorce Mediation: A House Divided (Part II)

By Lenard Marlow | Mediators need to make sure that they are not giving legal advice, holding themselves out as lawyers, or practicing law in any manner. Some nevertheless say that it is OK for mediators who are not lawyers to write divorce settlement agreements.

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Go In Peace

By Bruce D. Clarkin | The pain, fear and anger that accompany divorce are the grist for our mediation process and, as we start the process, we often do now know how the process will be informed by those emotions.

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