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Calming Upset People With EAR

By Bill Eddy | Empathy, attention and respect are the opposite of what you feel like giving someone when he or she is upset and is verbally attacking YOU, but they are what works. People who are very upset generally cannot think well or negotiate constructively. With empathy, attention, and respect, you can help them calm down.

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So Much Polarization

By Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D. | All these political issues that have become (or continued to be) polarized can be understood within the same conceptual frame as we understand our high conflict divorce cases.

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Mediation and Our Spiritual Journeys in a Material World

By Larry Gaughan | Even during divorce, perhaps the best way to describe our paths through life is that we are each on a spiritual journey. Mediators can help people refocus on their new spiritual journeys through the material world of present family finances and future security.

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