Articles for Mediators

The Creative Solution

By Chip Rose | How a mediation proceeds and how it ends depend on how it begins. Beginning with macro questions the clients can say yes to gets them off to a good start.

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A Letter from your 2018 APFM President

By Virginia Colin | APFM is becoming the go-to resource for family mediators in need of training, mentoring, and support, and the go-to resource for families in need of professional family mediation services. Join us!

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The Scope of Family Mediation

By Georgia Daniels | From childhood through marriage, maybe divorce, elder care decisions, and probate, mediation can help families prevent or resolve conflicts peacefully and constructively.

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By Michael Lang | As a mediator, what questions are best to ask? How do you know when it is the right time to ask one? Reflective practice …

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Standards — Self-Determination

By Steve Erickson | We need a way to assess skills and provide credentials for family mediators who are client-centered, non-coercive, and respectful of self-determination. Other approaches masquerading as mediation are confusing the public.

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