Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The mediation field is at a crossroads, as we recognize and acknowledge the systemic lack of diversity among professional mediators.

in theory, Family Mediation is inherently inclusive. Our values as mediators include embracing diversity in every aspect of our work. We expect professional family mediators to be inherently inclusive and to represent diverse demographics. We are dedicated to turning these expectations into realities.

There are too few Professional Family Mediators of color, and their numbers do not reflect the percentage of people of color within our communities. For many, this has resulted in a lower level of trust in the family mediation process. However, trust is the foundation upon which effective family mediation depends. Thus, it is crucial that we reach out to diverse and underserved populations.

We must ensure that effective mediation becomes available to communities that currently remain disengaged from the benefits of mediation. Trust depends first on the extent to which professional family mediators and their clients reflect the identity of the communities they serve.

APFM intends to provide leadership to address this problem. To begin, we will work to advance professional and public awareness of these issues.

In 2020, we have begun to prioritize communications and programming about personal and professional implicit bias. We will continue to publicly affirm our support for movements that bring attention to harmful societal biases and racism, and provide solutions to overcome inequities.

The Forrest “Woody” Mosten Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mediation Training Scholarship

Our scholarship was launched officially in December 2020.

Unconscious Bias: Creating an Understanding that Works for Everyone

In his address, Dr. David Campt reviewed the insidious nature of unconscious bias, and explored the ways that our lack of recognition of it and of built-in racial hierarchies tend to undermine goals of an inclusive, caring and just society and collaborative professions. Recording (Nov. 20, 2020) available to APFM members at no cost.

You Can Help

We invite you to contact us with your interest in supporting our efforts. We also welcome you to make a donation of any amount toward APFM’s General Diversity Equity and Inclusion Fund.

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