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APFM webinars are offered live as a benefit to APFM members. Others may pay a fee to attend a live webinar.

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Past Webinars for APFM members: Log in Required

Our goal is to make prior APFM webinars available to members to view online any time. Webinar recordings are available at no additional cost to APFM members logged into the website. APFM members may either:

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Once logged in, you can view as many recorded webinars as you like.

Past Webinars for the Public

If you are not an APFM member but would like to see one or more of our recorded webinars, please visit our Vimeo channel at https://vimeo.com/apfmnet, where you will find many of the recordings. You may rent the recordings for a fee.

Dealing with Difficult People During COVID-19 with Bill Eddy

Dealing with Difficult People During COVID-19 with Bill Eddy

In this webinar Bill Eddy will explain some of the predictable dynamics of difficult people, some methods for dealing with them as colleagues or family members, and some tips for mediating disputes with them during these stressful times. This webinar was recorded June 3, 2020.

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Do you have an idea for a webinar of interest to the professional family mediation community? Maybe you will be our next presenter! Please submit your proposal below and our training committee will respond in short order. Thank you!

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To successfully promote the webinar, we prefer to have at least 45 days between the announcement of the webinar and the webinar itself.

Proposals will not be reviewed until they are complete.  If any additional or supplemental materials including handouts are not ready to be included in this form, please email them to [email protected] as soon as they become available.

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