APFM 2022


Thursday, October 13

  • Pre-Conference: 1/2 day AM  — 7-10am PT | 10am-1pm ET
  • Conference: 1/2 day PM – 11am -4pm PT | 2-7pm ET

Friday October 14

  • Conference: Full day – 6:40am-1:15pm PT | 9:40am-4:15pm ET
  • In-person evening gatherings at discretion of regional hosts

Saturday, October 15

  • Conference: 1/2 day AM — 8am-1pm PT | 11am-4pm ET
Karlina Paredes

Featuring Keynote Address by Karlina Paredes

Presenting From the Conference Room to the Breakout Room: Mediating Amongst Changing Dynamics in a More Diverse World

A more diverse group of attorneys and neutrals in family law is emerging to the forefront of the mediation field. Likewise, client diversity is increasing. It is paramount for mediators to accommodate these changing dynamics. In her keynote address, Karlina Paredes will shine a light on opportunities for mediators to develop ways to advance and to better serve a diverse group of clients.​

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Preconference Institutes

Nicole Davis

Parenting Strategies Unlocked: Discovering the Keys to Promote Healthier Family Dynamics

Facilitated by Nicole Davis, Ph.D.

In this values-based workshop, participants will learn how to be more successful in their work with families, by discovering the eight keys necessary to promote healthy relationships between parents and children and by enhancing their personal and relational dynamics.

Susan Guthrie

The Intersection of Zoom and In-the Room: Getting Ready for Hybrids

Facilitated by Susan Guthrie

In this workshop, attendees will:

  1. Receive a primer on the technology and equipment needed for a hybrid mediation.
  2. Be provided with a range of suggestions for affordable technology, set up, and alternative tech suite options.
  3. Become aware of the many psychological pitfalls that may occur in a hybrid mediation.
  4. Acquire skills and tools to effectively manage those psychological issues.
  5. Understand best practices in educating clients about the distinct challenges of hybrid mediations.
Michael Aurit

The Game-Changing Consultation: How to Get More Clients and Grow the Mediation Practice of Your Dreams

Facilitated by Michael Aurit

This workshop will take you inside the highly successful initial consultation developed by The Aurit Center for Divorce Mediation. Michael will reveal a detailed roadmap showing you exactly how to structure your consultation, what topics to cover, and in the most effective order, and how to strategically communicate to your clients your mediation process, in order to build trust, provide hope and relief, and inspire clients to hire you as their mediator.

Conference Lineup


  • Opening Plenary- Stretching Our Limits
    Moderator: Alice Shikina
  • Closing Plenary – Stretching Ourselves from the Inside Out
    Moderator: Stefanie Beninato


  • Keynote: From the Conference Room to the Breakout Room: Mediating Amongst Changing Dynamics in a More Diverse World
    Speaker: Karlina Paredes


  • The Art of Pre-Marital Mediation
    Moderator: Amanda Singer
  • Understanding Marketing in a COVID World: What Works, What Changed, and What’s Next?
    Moderator: Paula Mattisonsierra
  • Asking Next Level Questions
    Moderator: Jen Hawthorne
  • Hot Mediation Technology Topics
    Moderator: Colin Rule
  • Out of the Box Financial Solutions
    Moderator: Mark Porter
  • Bringing Mindfulness Into the Mediation Room
    Moderator: Karen Aurit
  • Mental Health and Mediation
    Moderator: Clare Fowler
  • High Conflict Parenting Issues
    Moderator: Darby Calm 
  • Racial Nuance and Code Switching
    Moderator: James Cook
  • The Strategy of Structuring the Mediation Process
    Moderator: Marybeth Holland-O’Hearn

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