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Co-Parenting Well Through the Teen Years

By Lisa Gabardi | On the road to becoming responsible, respectful adults, teens benefit from having parents who stay involved, share information, and coordinate plans and rules. Opportunities to manipulate and deceive parents decrease when divorced parents keep each other well informed about their teenagers.

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The Scope of Family Mediation

By Georgia Daniels | From childhood through marriage, maybe divorce, elder care decisions, and probate, mediation can help families prevent or resolve conflicts peacefully and constructively.

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Standards — Self-Determination

By Steve Erickson | We need a way to assess skills and provide credentials for family mediators who are client-centered, non-coercive, and respectful of self-determination. Other approaches masquerading as mediation are confusing the public.

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Taking Charge of Your Divorce Process

By Virginia Colin | When facing divorce, start with taking care of yourself, assembling your support team, and gathering the records that you will need. Do not run to a lawyer before learning enough about your situation.

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The Children’s Bill of Rights in Divorce 

By Robert Emery | During and after separation and divorce, kids should have the right to love and be loved by both of their parents without feeling guilt or disapproval. They should be protected from their parents’ conflicts.

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Calming Upset People With EAR

By Bill Eddy | Empathy, attention and respect are the opposite of what you feel like giving someone when he or she is upset and is verbally attacking YOU, but they are what works. People who are very upset generally cannot think well or negotiate constructively. With empathy, attention, and respect, you can help them calm down.

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