Finding the Right Mediator

The Academy of Professional Family Mediators recommends that you approach hiring a mediator just like you would any other professional (such as a physician, lawyer or accountant). Generally, you should obtain the following information in selecting a mediator:

  • Background, education and training of the mediator
  • Experience or knowledge in mediating the type of case you have
  • Fees charged and how the fees are to be divided among all parties
  • The mediator’s membership in APFM and other professional associations

Search APFM Mediator Directory

If searching by state or province in the United States or Canada, please use the two-character postal abbreviation for the state or province.

We recommend filling in only one line (e.g., last name or postal code) on the search form. Then click Search. For example, fill in a zip code and choose how wide a radius (in miles) you want the search to have. Or fill in the name of a city and the two-letter abbreviation for a state. Note that the latter approach will not find mediators in the suburbs of the city you name.

If you fill in more fields, each one (including zip code distance) further restricts the search. For example, if you search for mediators in the city “Washington” and within 35 miles of zip code “20500”, the search will show only the results that meet both criteria.

At this time zip code radius (distance) search is available for U.S. listings only.

Locate an APFM Member on our Mediator Map

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