Distinguish yourself as a mediator dedicated to the field of Professional Family Mediation with APFM Certification.


Becoming APFM Certified* demonstrates to other professionals and the consumer that you have the training and experience necessary to provide mediation services of the highest standard.

Only current APFM Members who meet the criteria for Advanced Practitioner and Practitioner membership levels qualify to apply for certification.

Additional criteria for certification include that the applicant carry malpractice insurance and pledges to follow the APFM Ethical Standards for Professional Family Mediators. Applicants who are approved for certification will be upgraded to Certified for the remainder of their membership year and will thereafter be allowed to renew at the certified level. Certified members will also receive the APFM Certified Logo to use on business cards, email signature lines, and other marketing materials.

APFM Certified Mediators have:

  • Demonstrated their dedication to the profession of family mediation
  • Verified that they have the necessary training and experience for certification
  • Pledged to follow the APFM Ethical Standards for Professional Family Mediators
  • Pledged to ongoing professional development through continuing mediator education
  • Verified that they carry professional malpractice insurance (Click here for information on acquiring Mediator Liability Insurance.)

You may complete the application online by clicking the button below. 

*APFM’s certification is based on the member’s attesting to having met certain criteria including training and experience and is not an endorsement of competency. Patrons of the member’s business are invited to contact the member directly to inquire about his or her credentials.

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