All APFM Committees

If you are interested in serving on one or more of these committees or have ideas that you would like a committee to consider, please contact the chair(s) of the relevant committee(s).

Numbers of members of a committee and frequencies of meetings of most committees may vary from time to time according to APFM’s needs and the committee members’ abilities and interests. Standing committees and ad hoc committees coordinate with each other as appropriate to fulfill their missions and avoid duplicating each other’s work.

It is hoped that each year each committee will establish goals and objectives for the coming year that support APFM’s long-range plans.

Conference Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Amanda Singer and Tami Krutz ([email protected] and [email protected])


This committee selects sites for conferences, negotiates a contract with the chosen hotel or other site, invites workshop proposals, seeks sponsors, finds plenary speakers,selects workshops, schedules sessions, and does almost everything else needed to create a wonderful conference.

Diversity Committee

Current Committee Chair: Jocelyn Dan Wurzburg ([email protected])


This committee acts affirmatively to increase racial, national origin, and religious diversity for our membership, leadership, and the profession as a whole. Hence, we raise funds for scholarships to attend our conferences so we can bring family mediation to a wider audience. For more information please contact the chair, listed above. 

Finance Committee

Current Committee Chair: Stephen Evans ([email protected])


The finance committee is responsible for advancing financial policies, developing financial goals, and overseeing the budget process that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). The finance committee also monitors financial information and financial performance compared to its goals and proposes options and approaches to the board.

The finance committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Recommending policies that maintain and improve the financial well-being and reliability of APFM.
  • Reviewing and supporting a long-range financial plan for APFM.
  • Developing and recommending an annual budget including a capital budget in line with the long-range financial plan, strategies and financial policies of APFM.
  • Reviewing and recommending appropriate action for capital expenditures and unbudgeted operating expenditures that go beyond the approved budget.
  • Reviewing and approving mid-year capital expenditures and unbudgeted operating expenses that, per board-approved policy, are above a committee’s authority but below the amount required for board approval.
  • Reviewing the financial aspects of major proposed transactions, new and on-going projects and services and advising the board on appropriate actions.
  • Managing the financial procedures and oversee the financial operations of APFM using pre-approved budgets and long-term strategies.
  • Monitoring financial developments and directing appropriate steps to bring APFM into compliance with its budget and other financial objectives.


The finance committee meets at least four times a year and additionally when necessary at the call of the finance committee chairperson. Meeting dates and times should be determined a year in advance.


The finance committee should be comprised of members with backgrounds in business, finance, accounting, leadership, and business ownership.


The committee will receive and review the following reports:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Cash Flow Statement
  • Investment reports
  • Membership Report
  • Key operating measures and variance reports


Fundraising Committee

We need such a committee and do not yet have one.

Current Committee Chair: none


Raise money for APFM. Possibilities include writing grants and inviting tax deductible  donations

Governance Committee

Current Committee Chair: Carl Viniar ([email protected]


The governance committee is responsible for creating, managing, and recommending amendments to the governing documents of the Corporation, including but not limited to the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Policy and Procedure documents.

Membership Committee

Current Committee Chair: Tami Krutz ([email protected])


The membership committee is responsible for developing and implementing member benefits that will attract new members and retain current APFM members. Communication with members about their needs and desires in relation to APFM also falls under this committee’s purview.

Nominations Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Michael Aurit ([email protected] ) and Stephen Erickson ([email protected])


The work of the nominations committee, as described in its December 2014 report to the Board, consists of the following:

a) To recommend an orderly and effective process for submitting a slate of nominees and electing new board members, taking into account a range of factors including, but not limited to, diversity, competence, educational and professional back ground, family mediation as a primary profession, commitment to professionalism, ability to lead and act in a collegial manner and willingness to serve. The nominations committee shall return to the existing board for consideration the names of APFM members who the committee believes best meet the above criteria.

b) To recommend terms for each existing and recently elected board member.

c) To recommend whether or not Board members should be elected by the members or appointed by the sitting board.

d) To recommend procedures to ensure that the nominations process and the elections process not be influenced by favoritism or bias.

e) To engage in continuing consultation with members about leadership positions as well as developing a process for encouraging members to become involved in leadership roles within the organization.

f) To make any other recommendations as requested by the board that fall within the role of nominations and governance matters related to election of new board members, replacement of outgoing members and other matters related to composition, continuity and collegiality of leadership.

Public Education Committee

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Beth Myers ([email protected]) and Virginia Colin ([email protected]


The mission of this committee is to educate the public about family mediation. What is good for the public and what is good for professional family mediators are closely linked. If the public does not know about mediation, people miss out on services that could help them immensely in times of need. If the public does not know about mediation, people do not look for mediators when they need them or could benefit from working with them, so mediators have a hard time earning a living. 

Professional family mediators who work in accordance with APFM’s Standards of Practice help families resolve conflicts constructively. When a family has an internal conflict that the family members cannot resolve on their own, the best thing to do is find a professional family mediator. The committee strives to increase the number of people who know this.

With this mission in mind, the committee solicits articles from APFM members for public education on APFM’s website, oversees use of APFM’s social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube), and encourages and supports members in their efforts to educate the public where they practice. One goal for 2017 is to create brochures that APFM members can use for educating the public about family mediation.

The committee dreams of creating public service announcements and getting them on air on radio programs, creating and circulating videos about family mediation, and starting an APFM Speakers’ Bureau.


Training Committee

Current Committee Chair: Robert Horwitz ([email protected])


The Training Committee serves to identify and provide training opportunities for AFPM membership; promote training opportunities for APFM members; promote training provided by APFM members; and review applications for APFM approval of training programs.

Specific responsibilities include the following:

  • provide a range of basic, intermediate, and advanced online trainings (webinars) as directed by the Board
  • review applications for APFM approval of introductory family and divorce mediation training programs and determine whether the programs satisfy APFM’s standards
  • identify and evaluate options for providing relevant, affordable and accessible training opportunities for members
  • collaborate with other organizations and individuals to provide such training
  • establish opportunities for APFM members to promote their own training services
  • create a database of family mediation trainers
  • create a resource listing relevant training available to APFM membership

Website Committee

Current Committee Chair: Virginia Colin ([email protected])


The primary goal of the Website Committees is to maintain a mobile-responsive, attractive, engaging website that informs and educates the public about family mediation and serves the needs of current and prospective APFM members.


  • Mmaintain a home page that shows who we are, what we do, and whom we serve
  • Maintain a searchable membership directory that helps people find mediators in their areas and get their website and contact info
  • Provide a way for members to select membership levels, pay dues, and automatically receive receipts
  • Maintain a system that tracks when it will be time for each mediator to pay dues for another year’s membership and sends reminders to members as that time approaches
  • Consider, edit, accept, and publish articles from a variety of APFM members. Some articles may be intended for the public to read. Others may have family mediators as their intended audience
  • Provide a way for the public to donate funds to advance APFM’s work educating people about family mediation, promoting mediation as a healthy response to conflict, raising the levels of skill and professionalism among family mediators, and so providing relief to families in the midst of divorce proceedings or other conflicts. APFM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Maintain a training calendar to list programs of interest to professional family mediators
  • In the section of the website that is for members only, provide access to recorded webinars and other training materials
  • Provide access to the schedule for the next APFM conference, speaker bios, etc. and provide a way for people to register for the conference and pay to attend. 


Note: The committee descriptions above are up to date as of November 27, 2017.


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