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September 2023 Throwback: “In the Beginning” by Chip Rose

On a number of past occasions, I have written … about the beginning of the process and how it informs as to the end.  Those discourses have, for the most part, focused on the critical elements that need to be put in place at the beginning of the mediation process in order to achieve the client objectives at the end of the process.  There is a necessary precondition to that first session that deserves some attention, and that is the initial consultation.  The real beginning, if you will.

Article first published by APFM in August 2016.

June 2023 Throwback: “The First Standard of Practice: The Genius of Self-Determination, Or, It’s a Fine Line” by Steve Erickson

Professional Family Mediation is not about adjudication, evaluation of who has a stronger or weaker case, coercion, or predictions of outcomes if the case goes to court. It focuses on the self-determination of the parties. The answers and the solutions to the conflict are found, not by the mediator, but by the parties themselves who hire the mediator.

Article first published by APFM in September 2016.

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