APFM Town Hall 2024


Mediator Strengths: Maximizing Your Potential

Thursday, July 25, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

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About the Town Hall

As the saying goes — USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

Gallup Research shows that when people identify and use their strengths, they’re six times more likely to be engaged at work and three times more likely to say they’re living their best life. For mediators, applying this knowledge is huge.

Here’s how knowing and using our strengths can help us:

  1. We’re more focused: Being fully present and aware during mediation sessions helps us think and act strategically, making us more effective.
  2. Our quality of life improves: A happy mediator means less burnout and a more optimistic mindset in mediation.
  3. We innovate and perform better: We help clients reach their best agreements by being curious and open to creative solutions.
  4. We build stronger relationships: Trust and connection are the keys to successful mediation.
  5. We handle emotions better: Understanding our strengths makes us more self-aware, helping us stay balanced and resilient and regulate our emotions in the mediation room.

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About the Town Hall Moderator, Michael Aurit, JD, MDR

Michael Aurit

I love family and believe in peace.

Being a family mediator is a true blessing in my life because every day, I get to help families, doing the work I believe in. Helping people reach their best possible agreements and protecting children from harm are my life’s passions.

I believe all couples in conflict can reach agreements—there is always a way forward.

We understand that, during divorce, people are often hurting, are in conflict, and are fearful and uncertain about their futures. That is where we come in. As family mediators, we are by their side, helping them find the courage they need to move forward through adversity, no matter what their history may be, or the level of their present conflict. I admire our clients for making the choice to have the healthiest divorce they can.

Learn more about Michael Aurit here.

About the Town Hall Moderator, Karen Aurit, LAMFT

Karen Aurit

My whole heart is dedicated to helping families through their most challenging times.

I care most about creating a safe, caring, and hopeful environment for our clients —a place where they find a sense of relief. My greatest hope is that our clients understand that we take care of everything for them because we care about them.

Michael and I created a mindful and strategic mediation process so that people can focus on making healthy choices for their futures while prioritizing their children’s needs.

We appreciate the importance of family dynamics, and we help parents understand and provide for their children’s psychological and emotional needs. We do this because we know this is the level of care they and their family need. Our exceptional team engages in providing ongoing intensive training to ensure that our clients receive the best possible services and support.

Learn more about Karen Aurit here.

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