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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

By Ada Hasloescher | If you do not yet have a business card, get some right away and don’t worry about the look. You will probably change the card later anyway. To make the cards effective, include…

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In the Beginning

By Chip Rose | What are the critical elements that need to be put in place at the beginning of the mediation process in order to achieve the clients’ objectives at the end of the process? What comes before the first session — the initial consultation — is the real beginning…

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The Mystery of Mediation

By Steve Abel | With self-determination as a core value in family mediation, it may be good if you sometimes let elements from mental health or law professions seep into mediation. Mediators listen, interpret, help clients see another’s point of view, sometimes suggest options for consideration, facilitate resolution, and more. An argument can be made for doing what your clients need, not being rigid about one ethical guideline or another.

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Keeping Your Roles Clean

By Steve Erickson | One of the continuing problems I hear being raised by members of APFM around the country, and in Canada and Europe (Yes, indeed, they are confronting the same problems in Europe.) is that anyone can claim to be a mediator. Without any…

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When Should a Mediator Withdraw?

By Bill Eddy | Not all mediations go well. The parties are intransigent, or one is obviously a bully, or one is too weak to speak up for herself/himself, or the issues are beyond the knowledge-base of the mediator –- a variety of issues may make a case inappropriate for mediation.

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Mediation is Voluntary and Neutral

By Bill Eddy | The In-Your-Face Deed: The following is based on a case of mine which was discussed in the book Mediation Ethics, edited by Ellen Waldman (Jossey-Bass, 2011). Mary, a social worker, and Tom, an executive, are divorcing. They have two…

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