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Mediation and Our Spiritual Journeys in a Material World

By Larry Gaughan | Even during divorce, perhaps the best way to describe our paths through life is that we are each on a spiritual journey. Mediators can help people refocus on their new spiritual journeys through the material world of present family finances and future security.

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Do Retired Judges Really Mediate?

By Larry Gaughan | Many retired judges call the process they use mediation, but a good look at what they do shows that it has almost all of the characteristics of the adversarial litigation system. One basic principle of every set of mediator ethics is that mediation not be coercive. When there are very long meetings (sometimes past midnight), often with a trial date close at hand,

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Choosing How to Settle Your Divorce

By Virginia Colin | Many ways to divorce: kitchen table, mediation, neutral case evaluation, counseling, collaborative law, attorney negotiations, going to trial — Choose wisely.

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By Marta J. Papa | Now married same-sex couples have the same legal benefits and responsibilities as married heterosexual couples. They also face the same challenges if they decide to divorce. Details…

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Should Mediators Write Divorce Agreements?

By Bill Eddy | Which is more likely to cause harm to individuals or families: letting them choose a mediator who is not an attorney to write their parenting plans and divorce agreements, or insisting that divorce agreements must be written by lawyers whose job is to act as zealous advocates for their clients?

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Family Mediation: Its History and Future

In this radio interview, famous family mediator Forrest “Woody” Mosten discusses why family mediation peace-making services are so important, why court is much too often a health hazard for families…

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