Spring 2016

The Ethical Edge: Confidentiality under Fire

By Bill Eddy | California has been a leader in providing laws which encourage and protect mediation since the early 1980s. Confidentiality is at the core of those laws. A proposed revision to the laws has the mediation community in California up in arms.

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Next Generation Now: How Family Law Attorneys Can Advocate for Clients By Educating Them About Children

By Michael Aurit, JD, MDR | Child custody battles rage on in every city and town in America. Many of these divorce wars revolve around each parent accusing the other of some degree of bad parenting that has negatively affected their children. Parents often point to the child’s behavior as evidence of the child’s “true feelings” or of the other’s poor parenting. Lawyers can best serve such clients by helping them learn more about normal child behavior.

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