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DayTimeTypeTopicSpeaker(s)Session Title
Wednesday, Nov. 64-6pmRegistration
Thursday, Nov. 77-8amExhibitor Setup
Thursday, Nov. 77am - on-goingRegistration
Thursday, Nov. 77:30-8:30amContinental Breakfast
Thursday, Nov. 78:30-9:45amKeynote/General SessionKen ClokeMediating Dangerously: The Frontiers of Family Conflict Resolution
Thursday, Nov. 79:45-10amAM Break
Thursday, Nov. 710-11:40amBreakout 1 - A (part 1)MediationKen ClokeThe Logic of Emotions in Divorce: How to Mediate Anger, Fear, Grief and Shame
Thursday, Nov. 710-11:40amBreakout 1 - B (part 1)MediationKen Neumann and John FiskeUsing Mediation to Help Couples Stay Married
Thursday, Nov. 710-11:40amBreakout 1 - CFinancialNancy HetrickBeginning and Advanced Forensics for CDFA Holders
Thursday, Nov. 710-11:40amBreakout 1 - DMediationKate FangerHow Can You Say That?
Thursday, Nov. 710-11:40amBreakout 1 - EFinancial & MediationJeffrey Fink, Linda CohanWorking Together Better-Stronger Team Dynamics
Thursday, Nov. 711:45-12:45pmLunch
Thursday, Nov. 712:50-2:30pmBreakout 1 - A (part 2)MediationKen ClokeThe Logic of Emotions in Divorce: How to Mediate Anger, Fear, Grief and Shame
Thursday, Nov. 712:50-2:30pmBreakout 1 - B (part 2)Financial & MediationKen Neumann and John FiskeUsing Mediation to Help Couples Stay Married
Thursday, Nov. 712:50-2:30pmBreakout 2 - CMediationAlex Glassman and Steve EricksonAdjuticative Creep
Thursday, Nov. 712:50-2:30pmBreakout 2 - DFinancial & MediationBeth Aarons, Justin Kelsley & Kim WhelanCreative College Planning Resolutions
Thursday, Nov. 712:50-2:30pmBreakout 2 - EMediationKira NurieliConflicting Values Between Parents
Thursday, Nov. 72:30-2:45pmPM Break #1
Thursday, Nov. 72:50-4:30pmBreakout 3 - AMediationAmanda Singer, Vicki Shemin, Donna Petrocelli, Kristyn Carmichael, Cheryl Glazer and Marilyn McknightWomen in ADR
Thursday, Nov. 72:50-4:30pmBreakout 3 - BFinancial & MediationPaul Fair and Robert BordettWhat Would Gandhi Do?
Thursday, Nov. 72:50-4:30pmBreakout 3 - CFinancialAdam MinskyManaging Student Loans in Divorce
Thursday, Nov. 72:50-4:30pmBreakout 3 - DFinancial & MediationKaren Levitt, Karen Ela Kenny, Susan MillerInnovative & Strategic Use of Neutrals
Thursday, Nov. 72:50-4:30pmBreakout 3 - EPractice ManagementBarbara ManoussoModernizing the Family Practice
Thursday, Nov. 74:30-4:45pmPM Break #2
Thursday, Nov. 74:50-6:30pmBreakout 4 - AMediationLawrence JonesMediating Divorces Involving Children with Autism
Thursday, Nov. 74:50-6:30pmBreakout 4 - BFinancial & MediationChris Chen, Lili VasileffEthics for Mediators, Lawyers & Financial Planners
Thursday, Nov. 74:50-6:30pmBreakout 4 - CFinancial & MediationRenee SenesFinancial Challenges in Mediating a Grey Divorce
Thursday, Nov. 74:50-6:30pmBreakout 4 - DMediationKathryn LazarRadical Candor and Other Communication Strategies
Thursday, Nov. 74:50-6:30pmBreakout 4 - EMediationWoody MostenCase Consultation Workshop
Friday, Nov. 87:30-8:30amContinental Breakfast
Friday, Nov. 88:30 - 9:45amKeynote/ General SessionDavid HoffmanWhat Makes People Tick: A Divorce Professional’s Guide to Our Multiple Parts
Friday, Nov. 89:45-10amAM Break
Friday, Nov. 810-11:40amBreakout 5 - A (part 1)Financial & MediationMarilyn McKnight and Steve EricksonChild Support Account
Friday, Nov. 810-11:40amBreakout 5 - B (part 1)MediationMichael Aurit, Amanda Singer, Justin Kesley, and Don SaposnekGenerational Panel
Friday, Nov. 810-11:40amBreakout 5 - CPractice ManagementChristine HammondHow to Make and Win Your Point with a Narcissist
Friday, Nov. 810-11:40amBreakout 5 - DMediationPatricia PapernowMeeting the (Big) Challenges of "Blended Families"
Friday, Nov. 810-11:40amBreakout 5 - EFinancialKurt CzarnowskiSocial Security: What You Need to Know in Divorce
Friday, Nov. 8
Friday, Nov. 811:45am-12:45pmLunch & Awards
Friday, Nov. 812:50-2:30pmBreakout 5 - A (part 2)Financial & MediationMarilyn McKnight and Steve EricksonChild Support Account
Friday, Nov. 812:50-2:30pmBreakout 5 - B (part 2)MediationMichael Aurit, Amanda Singer, Justin Kesley, and Don SaposnekGenerational Panel
Friday, Nov. 812:50-2:30pmBreakout 6 - CFinancialCynthia HaddadDivorce and Special Needs: Defining the Best Interests
Friday, Nov. 812:50-2:30pmBreakout 6 - DMediationRachel ZamoreNavigating Divorce Ambivalence with Integrity
Friday, Nov. 812:50-2:30pmBreakout 6 - EMediationCarl ViniarMediation on the shoulders of the Bible and Talmud
Friday, Nov. 82:30-2:40pmPM Break #1
Friday, Nov. 82:40-4:20pmBreakout 7 - AMediationDon SaposnekWhat Mediators Can Learn from Social Science Relationship Research: New Perspectives on Anger and Conflict

Friday, Nov. 82:40-4:20pmBreakout 7 - BFinancialIvy MenchelHow Business Owner's Create Liquidity in Divorce
Friday, Nov. 82:40-4:20pmBreakout 7 - CFinancialSandy VoitFollowing Up with the Client Post Divorce
Friday, Nov. 82:40-4:20pmBreakout 7 - DMediationGalit Sneh LurieEnneagram- mediating personality based differences
Friday, Nov. 82:40-4:20pmBreakout 7 - EMediationMichael LangReflective Practice
Friday, Nov. 84:20-4:30pmPM Break #2
Friday, Nov. 84:30-6:10pmBreakout 8 - AFinancialMichael GaribaldiReading Business Valuation Reports
Friday, Nov. 84:30-6:10pmBreakout 8 - BMarketingVirginia Colin and PanelHow to Earn a Living as a Family Mediator
Friday, Nov. 84:30-6:10pmBreakout 8 - CMediationRichard BarbieriThe Story Behind the Story, or Human First
Friday, Nov. 84:30-6:10pmBreakout 8 - DMediationDon Saposnek and Chip RoseTrainwrecks in Mediation
Friday, Nov. 84:30-6:10pmBreakout 8 - EFinancial & MediationSteve AbelFrom QDRO to COAP and RBCO: Decoding the World of Federal Pensions
Friday, Nov. 86:15-7:15pmWelcome Reception
Saturday, Nov. 98-9amContinental Breakfast
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - A (part 1)MediationDarcia TudorCultural Myths Undermining Mediation Process
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - B (part 1)Financial & MediationLaurie IsraelPre and Post Marital
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - CFinancial & MediationJohn Fiske, Karen Cohen, Susan Miller & Renee SenesMediation and Financial Planning
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - DFinancialLili VasileffDivorce by the Decades: 30's, 40's and 50's Plus
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - EMediationCrystal ThorpeInnovating from Elder Mediation's Hybrid Approach
Saturday, Nov. 99-10:40amBreakout 9 - FFinancialDavid GoodmanUnderstanding the Small Business
Saturday, Nov. 910:40-10:50amAM Break
Saturday, Nov. 910:50am-12:30pmBreakout 9 - A (part 2)MediationDarcia TudorCultural Myths Undermining Mediation Process
Saturday, Nov. 910:50am-12:30pmBreakout 9 - B (part 2)Financial & MediationLaurie IsraelPre and Post Marital
Saturday, Nov. 910:50am-12:30pmBreakout 10 - CMediationOran Kaufman, Kristina Bordieri, David Sacks and Betsy Williams Mandatory Mediation is Not an Oxymoron
Saturday, Nov. 910:50am-12:30pmBreakout 10 - DMediationTina ZhangIntimate Partner Abuse
Saturday, Nov. 910:50am-12:30pmBreakout 10 - EMediationNadia ShahramProfessional Ethics
Saturday, Nov. 9Breakout 10 - FFinancialMelinda MilbergEstate planning and Divorce
Saturday, Nov. 912:30-12:50pmPM Break #1 -(check out of hotel if needed)
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - A Brown Bag Lunchpresenting partnerConscious Co-Parenting Institutepending
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - B Brown Bag LunchFinancial & MediationJennifer Hawthorne, Beth Aarons, Halee Burg, Justin Kelsey and Crystal ThorpeBringing Experts in and Preserving the Safe Space
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - C Brown Bag LunchMediationLiam LustburgDivorce From the Child's Perspective
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - D Brown Bag LunchMediationPMBS BoardRecent Developments in Creating a National Examination for the Advanced Credentialing of Divorce and Family Mediators
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - E Brown Bag LunchFinancial & MediationVicki SheminSex, Drugs & Rock'N Roll & What Happened to the Money
Saturday, Nov. 912:50-2:30pmBreakout 11 - F Brown Bag LunchFinancialDebra Smith, David Goodman & Cynthia RungeCreative Options to Maximize Money for Parents
Saturday, Nov. 92:30-2:45pmPM Break #2
Saturday, Nov. 92:45-4pmKeynote/General SessionFish Bowl PanelJohn Fiske & (Ken Neumann Moderating)Fishbowl Mediation

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