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The Academy of Professional Family Mediators is pleased to present APFM Verified Training for Introductory 40-Hour Family & Divorce Mediation Training Programs.

Having your Introductory 40-Hour Family & Divorce Mediation Training Program become APFM Verified demonstrates to other professionals and consumers that APFM acknowledges that your program provides the training of the highest standard.

The goal of the APFM Verified Training is to cast a wide net and allow for customization and flexibility of these programs. Additionally, different states have court-sponsored and other programs that set their own specific requirements that trainers will incorporate into their programs, so that programs can meet the needs of both private and court mediators.

APFM has developed a Trainer Self-Verified Application (below), with specific requirements that must be met in order to secure APFM Verified Training status for any Introductory 40-Hour Family & Divorce Mediation Training Program. Currently, there is no fee to apply. Once approved, APFM Verified Trainers will receive:

  • An APFM Verified Logo to use on all your marketing materials;
  • Discount Code for APFM Membership to offer to your trainees;
  • The publicizing of your trainings on our website calendar.

To apply to have your 40-Hour training become APFM Verified, please complete the online application below.

APFM Verified Training Application Form

Indicate range of cost if any (e.g., Early Bird)
Minimum is 40

Lead Trainer


Each Lead Trainer and Co-Trainer that participates for 20 hours or more must complete the following:

Maximum upload size: 2MB
Download and complete the attestation form available by clicking here.
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Maximum upload size: 10MB
If your submission exceeds 10MB, please email the manual directly to [email protected]
Maximum upload size: 5MB
21. Primary Applicant’s Address: *
21. Primary Applicant’s Address:
Prompt: By electronically signing, you agree: 1) all the information submitted is truthful and accurate; 2) your electronic signature contains the same force and validity as a written signature.

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