The Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of family mediation. We want current and future generations of professional family mediators to be well-trained and ethical. We also seek to develop ways for individuals that use mediation services to be able to distinguish levels of quality and competence among mediators. Currently, certification is available for Family Mediators who can demonstrate sufficient training and experience.

APFM Certification distinguishes those family mediators who have satisfied all of the following:

  • Verified that they have had a basic 40-hour training in family mediation, including coverage of domestic violence dynamics;
  • Verified that they have also had the required additional training and experience in family mediation, well beyond the training offered in a 40-hour basic course;
  • Pledged to follow the APFM Standards of Practice for Professional Family Mediators;
  • Pledged to continue their professional development through participation in workshops, conferences, webinars, readings, consultation, and other means of mediator education;
  • Verified that they carry professional malpractice insurance.

APFM continues to believe that a higher level of family mediator accreditation, beyond the above criteria – that will be measured by competency-based testing — will be a great service to the public and to the field. The development of such an accreditation is one of our most important challenges for the future.

We invite all Professional Family Mediators to participate with us by contributing innovative ideas and constructive feedback for the continued advancement of APFM and the advancement of our shared profession.

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