How To Handle Written Communication & Conflict in Mediation – Practical Skills for Mediators and Their Clients by Kristyn Carmichael | $220


Much of our focus over the last few years has been the transition of mediation into the virtual world, from Zoom mediation to virtual disclosures. But, an element of our businesses that has always been present and continues to expand, is written communication, via emails, texts, chat, or other. While we spend a great amount of thought and effort into educating ourselves as to how we can help our clients when we are mediating, we often take for granted our abilities to communicate effectively in writing. This interactive training will help you to sharpen your skills as a mediator outside of the mediation room, from handling high-conflict emails and parsing out their relevant meaning to mediating via email. This training will primarily focus on developing these skills for you as a mediator, but we will also explore how these skills can be taught directly to your clients, for more effective communication.

This Pre-Conference Workshop includes substantial Skill Building:

  1. Understand the difference between conflict in written communication and conflict in person.
  2. Develop strategies for addressing an influx of communication from clients, particularly from those who are high-conflict.
  3. Learn how to resolve conflict via email.
  4. Practice dissecting written communication to better understand their parts and purposes, in moving communication forward.
  5. Include your own values into your written communication process.
  6. Learn how to set boundaries within your communication style and your communication systems for clients.
  7. Learn techniques for assisting clients in reaching agreements solely through written communication.
  8. Develop skills as a mediator, and for clients alike, to lower the conflict in the mediation process.

About Our Presenter

Kristyn CarmichaelKristyn Carmichael is a licensed Arizona attorney, professional mediator, and certified divorce financial analyst. She assists couples in reaching mutual agreements through premarital and divorce mediation at her firm, Couples Solutions Center - based in Phoenix, Arizona. Outside of working with clients, Kristyn is the Training Director for the Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center at Arizona State University College of Law, where she trains alternative dispute resolution topics including negotiation, mediation, listening/communication skills, de-escalating conflict, and more. She additionally acts as an adjunct teaching Family Law.

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