Family Mediator Ethics in an Increasingly Diverse World by Victoria Dinger | $220


What are the emerging ethical issues confronting practitioners using ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in an increasingly diverse world? Focusing on ethics within alternative dispute resolutions in divorce and family law, and civil trials, this presentation will explore ethical decisions and effective resolution techniques, in an increasingly diverse world. With these perspectives and skills, professional family mediators can utilize these highly effective ethical, legal, and psychological strategies in the resolution of civil cases, along with methods for dealing with biases and consensus skills that will be explored.

About Our Presenter

victoria dingerDr. Victoria Dinger is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator for Family, Dependency, County, Circuit Civil and Appellate Courts and a Florida Qualified Arbitrator. She has been appointed to the Florida Supreme Court Mediator Qualifications & Discipline Review Board, responsible for complaints submitted under the Florida Rules for Certified and Court-Appointed Mediators. With a doctoral degree from the University of Southern California, she focuses on cognitive psychology and clinical experience for family mediation in an increasingly diverse world. Dr. Dinger implements a conflict resolution style which contributes to her effectiveness with complex cases. She has ability to manage high-conflict personalities, psychological and legal issues, while assisting participants in achieving mutually beneficial consensus. Dr. Dinger lectures on topics such as analyzing and resolving interpersonal conflicts, ethics, diversity, relationships, disputes and family conflict resolution. Dr. Dinger founded the Institute of Mediation and Arbitration for training mediators and arbitrators in helping families throughout the circle of life to manage conflict and find peaceful solutions to life's challenges. On the belief that everyone has the ability to take control of their own destiny with skilled assistance, families can be empowered to craft their own conflict resolution. Conflicts are inevitable, and facilitating skillful solutions is an art. Victoria Dinger has been doing online mediation for years and is very effective in person. She is a Court-Appointed Mediator for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida in Broward County. Dr. Dinger has authored, lectured and contributed to numerous publications and presentations for mediators, families and children.

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