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Requirements for an Advanced Practitioner Member

  • Mediated 100 or more divorce cases to completion (including developing an equitable distribution plan and a memorandum of understanding, or a mediated marital settlement agreement) or a minimum of 500 total session-hours;  or 
  • Mediated 100 or more mixed types of family cases (e.g. divorce, parenting plans, elder disputes, post-divorce issue(s), court-connected custody/visitation, parent-child disputes) or a minimum of 500 or more total session-hours; and
  • Completed the family mediation training required of Practitioner Members; and
  • Completed an additional 20 hours of training/practicum or continuing education in mediation practice skills; and
  • Continues to complete at least 15 hours of on-going professional development every two years.

By commencing or renewing your membership in APFM, you are agreeing to abide by the Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation and other ethical standards promulgated by the APFM Board.

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