Bob Bordett – an interview

Bob Bordett1) Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your background?

I am a registered mediator and arbitrator in Georgia, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner. I have been mediating for more than 30 years. I work with couples going through divorce and help them look at their financial situation. I am originally from Garden City NY but have been in Atlanta, Ga for over 40 years.

2) What do your current professional practice and activities look like?

My practice is primarily working with couples going through divorce. I work on a team approach. I will work with the couple on financial issues and one of my partners will work with them on parenting plans, communications and listing skills. I have worked in the Collaborative Practice field since the early 90’s. Had my first training with Stu Webb, Pauline Tessler, Nancy Ross and Peggy Thompson. I have always looked at them as my mentors in the Collaborative Process.

3) How did you first learn about mediation?

I first learned of mediation in the late 1980’s. I had a couple that approached me that wanted to get divorced but did not want to be adversarial. They asked if I could help them divide up their assets and look at what their taxes would look like after they divorced. I realized that this was something people needed. I investigated mediation training and found a training in Atlanta, Ga. The rest is history.

4) What do you hope to accomplish as a Board Member of APFM?

I want to be able to have the public understand that there are better ways to solve disputes than just going to court. I have always felt that people making their own decisions will have better agreements, that will last longer. As a board member I hope we can bring a new understanding of how to solve family issues.

5) Where do you see the field of Family Mediation going?

I have been mediating for over 30 years and have seen the models change. We have gone from mediation with one mediator to using teams of professionals working with couples in divorce. In the orthopedic field they have gone from one doctor handling all of orthopedics for a patient to doctors that now specialize in one area of the body. Example they have orthopedic doctors that just work on the hands or knees or shoulders. In mediation we can do the same thing. One mediator who works with the couple on parenting plans, communications and listening skills and another working on financial issues.

6) What do you like to do when you are not mediating?

When I am not mediating, I try to spend as much time with my grown children and my grandchildren. In addition, I like to spend time at my home in Florida especially in the colder months of the year. In addition, I enjoy teaching other professional about mediation and collaborative practice.

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