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Nicholas De Metro - Attorney & Divorce Mediator
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De Metro, Esq., APM
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80 Park Street
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Nicholas De Metro, Esq., APM, is a Founding Member of APFM, and is the owner of Montclair Divorce Mediation which provides divorce mediation to New Jersey couples who are facing the prospect of divorce. The initial meeting and sessions may be conducted in person or virtually as Mr. De Metro assists spouses throughout the entire state of New Jersey. Mr. De Metro understands how stressful the divorce process is to both of you, and to your family, especially the children. One of his main goals is to make this process much less traumatic for you and your family. To accomplish this, Mr. De Metro helps couples engage in a process geared to non-adversarial dialog, assisting them in identifying issues and guiding them to resolving those issues. Mr. De Metro, is a licensed New Jersey attorney who now only handles divorce mediation. He is an accredited family mediator and uses his experience to help couples reach a mutually satisfactory agreement about their future, including division of assets, alimony, child support, co-parenting, visitation and marital debt. Mr. De Metro prepares the Marital Settlement Agreement and the pleadings required by the court so that your divorce may be finalized by a N.J. judge.

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Custody-Parenting, Divorce, GLBTQ, Marriage

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