Law and Mediation Office of Laurel Tuvim Amaya

Law and Mediation Office of Laurel Tuvim Amaya
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I believe that mediation is the best method to peacefully resolve your divorce, family law and parenting issues! After many years of representing divorcing clients in the traditional litigation process, I became determined to bring a different approach to my clients who, through their divorce or parenting disputes, were required to go through the court process. As a result, I became trained as a family law mediator and collaborator and began a professional transition to a settlement focused practitioner. Now, as an experienced family law mediator, I work with couples to guide them through the divorce process and facilitate productive discussions to reach resolutions. My hope is that mediation participants find peaceful and lasting solutions! I work with each couple to help them explore options to meet their respective goals and objectives. I am committed to making the process of marriage dissolution and/or resolving parenting disputes as peaceful as possible. I know you have questions and concerns! I offer a free mediation consultation to give you both the opportunity to learn more about the process and ask questions to help you understand before you begin. Contact me to schedule your consultation!

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Custody-Parenting, Divorce

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