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Dara was privileged to join Kainen Law Group in June 2022 where her practice focuses on amicable divorce mediation, co-parenting education, and holistically helping clients develop mindfulness, emotion management, communication skills, and problem-solving strategies. Holistic divorce not only address the legal aspects of divorce (such as child custody, division of assets and debts, and support issues), but it also enhances personal well-being and reduced conflict during and after the divorce process.

Because every family situation is unique, Dara believes that by being creative and focusing on what really matters for each person, families can reach mediated resolutions in divorce and child custody conflicts that are far superior to litigated outcomes. In the process, she will work to empower each person to navigate the divorce with emotional agility, develop new ways of interacting, and ultimately help people thrive in their post-separation lives.

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Custody-Parenting, Divorce, Family Business, Marriage

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