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Healing Truth LLC | Bruckner Mediation
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Conflict happens.
Some days, you may handle it really well. Other times, it might be less than wonderful.
You are not alone.
I see and hear a lot from my clients, and I am still learning from my own less than stellar moments.
I do know that peace takes practice. And that does not mean shutting down and avoiding conversations.
Underneath all of the "stuff," folks mostly want to meet needs and figuring out what those are is an important step.
It might be needs for clarity, freedom, meaning, security, or respect.
It may be more about appreciation, purpose, support, or understanding.
I work with folks like you to create peace, resolve conflict, and transform visions into results.
Practicing as a civil and family lawyer for twenty years, and now as a mediator, I see the tremendous amount of time, money, and emotional energy exhausted in litigation.
Avoiding important conversations takes a toll.
What is conflict costing you?
You do not have to do this alone.
Let Bruckner Mediation help.

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Custody-Parenting, Divorce, Elder

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