Speaker Forms: Workshop Information and Technical Needs

Kindly ensure to complete and submit both forms on this page prior to their respective deadlines. Thank you!

APFM 2023 Presenter/Moderator Workshop Information

Moderators and individual speakers, please complete the following form to describe what someone will experience when attending your presentation. This will be used as a marketing blurb to invite people to your presentation. Please consider what will draw people in to hear you (and your panelists) speak.

Form submission required by July 15, 2023.

APFM 2023 Presenter/Moderator Workshop Information
Are you a Solo Presenter or Panel Moderator?
0 of 200 max words
Please provide a description of your presentation or panel suitable for Conference promotions, marketing and schedule. It should indicate the primary attendee "takeaways" and be no fewer than 100 words and no more than 200 words. Please note the marketing blurb may be edited by APFM's editor.

APFM 2023 Presenter/Moderator Technology Needs & Materials for Participants

Please fill out this form to provide any technology needs for your presentation. We will host a technology zoom event prior to the conference for all presenters to attend and have your questions addressed. This form is for initial requests.

Form submission required by August 15, 2023.

APFM 2023 Presenter/Moderator Technology Needs & Materials
Are you a Solo Presenter or Panel Moderator?
Would you prefer a Zoom webinar or meeting?

Zoom Webinar
Only you and other panelists will appear on the screen. You will not be able to see participants or make your presentation interactive. Participants will be able to ask questions via Q&A function though. Best for panels and non-interactive presentations.

Zoom Meeting
Speaker and attendees will be able to be seen on screen. Will be able to interact with participants and include them in the conversation. Best for interactive presentations.

Please describe any special or unusual technological support you will require. If none, please type N/A

Maximum file size: 10MB

Please provide any presentation/workshop materials you would like to share with Conference attendees. These will be made available on the APFM Conference website for attendees before the Conference. We prefer all moderators collect materials from their panelists and submit at one time if possible. If you are unable to upload materials through the Google form for any reason, please email them ASAP to [email protected]

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