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On this calendar APFM lists only training programs that are relevant for family mediators. We recommend taking a training program about basic fundamentals and skills before attending a program focused on using fundamental mediation skills in work with families.

Listing a program on the calendar does not imply that APFM endorses the qualifications of the trainer or the quality of the training except where it is explicitly stated that APFM’s Training Committee has approved the trainers and the program.

May 2017

May 1 –  5

Chattanooga, Tennessee

46-hour Family Mediation Training

Trainers:  Carol Berz and Terry Croghan  

A fast-paced 40-hour course that teaches basic mediation knowledge, skills and techniques. Through interactive lecture, participants will learn law and ethics relative to mediation and how to participate competently in the mediation process as a mediator and/or a mediation advocate. Participants will develop mediative and other collaborative problem-solving skills through peer exchange, group exercise and evaluative role plays. [Meets the academic requirement for TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Listing and is approved in other states upon request] 


Phone: (423)266-4050

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May 11 – 12; May 15-17

Toronto, ON

Family Mediation Skills (40 Hours)

Trainers: Hilary Linton (LL.B., LL.M., Acc. FM, Cert. F.M.) Elizabeth Hyde (B.Ed., LL.B., LL.M., Acc. FM)  

This comprehensive, role-play based five-day workshop features experienced mediators, professional actors, experienced coaches and expert guest speakers. It includes both basic and advanced level skills training and is designed to partially meet the certification requirements of the OAFM, FDRIO and ADRIO.


Phone: (416)593-0210

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May 18-27

Memphis, Tennessee

Family Law Mediation Training, 40/46 hours Tennessee Rule 31

Trainer: Jocelyn Wurzburg, Memphis’ first Divorce Mediator,

Thanks go to the Erickson Mediation Institute for the forms used in this training. 40 hours of basic family mediation training, plus 6 hours of family law review for those who do not already practice Tennessee family law.


Phone: (901)684-1332


May 25

Toronto, ON

10-Hour Update – for Family Arbitrators, DROs, Mediators and Parenting Coordinators: How to Identify, Assess and Manage Risk in Your FDR Practice

Trainers: Hilary Linton (LL.B., LL.M., Acc. FM, Cert. F.M.) Elizabeth Hyde (B.Ed., LL.B., LL.M., Acc. FM) 

This intensive, case-study based program provides the bi-annual training required by the Ministry of the Attorney General for family arbitrators. It also is designed for Dispute Resolution Officers and senior mediators. Participants will learn: What are the predictors of risk?; Culture and Power Imbalance in FDR practice; Screening in court-connected mediation, med-arb and collaborative practice; demonstration and role play of a screening/intake interview, and more. This program has been accredited for 3.0 Professionalism Hours and is eligible for up to 7.0 hours of Substantive Content.


Phone: (416)593-0210

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 July 2017

July 24 – 28

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

40 Hour Initial Divorce Mediation Training

Trainers: Stephen K. Erickson, Marilyn S. McKnight,  Charles Robinson.

This 40 hour Divorce Mediation Training is for those who wish to begin to establish a career in Divorce Mediation. The Trainers have 40 years experience mediating divorces. They they were instrumental in designing the first national divorce mediation training in 1980, and have mediated more than 6,000 cases among them. Steve and Marilyn as pioneers in family mediation began mediating parenting plans and alternatives to the child support guidelines in the 1985 and continue to develop creative options in divorce mediation.


Phone: (952) 835-3688

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