Town Hall Series: COVID-19 Won’t Stop Family Mediators

Part 6: Mediating Financial Issues Online During This Unprecedented Economic Crisis​



Bob Bordett: Cost of smart board and projector is about $3,000.

Harry Manasewich: During a screen share, are/can clients still be seen?

Amanda Singer: When you are screen-sharing you can see up to 4 video participants in smaller boxes on either the side or top of the screen.

Harry Manasewich: Thanks, Amanda.

Bob Bordett: Most of the time, I will create it as a pdf file. Then, share the screen with clients.

Harry Manasewich: I am wondering about screen “readability” which relates to the size of the screen they are looking at. How are your clients connecting to Zoom…computer screen, tablet, phone?

Anju Jessani, MBA, APM: We send the PDF in advance that we screen-share and suggest they may want to either print out or view on another device, during the session.

Jody Davis: Other than Family Law software and, are there other programs that people use and would suggest for a novice mediator to purchase? Is there a software, for example, that allows me to insert for different states, or are most state-specific? I am in New Jersey.

Anju Jessani, MBA, APM: Most states are stated specifically for alimony and child support. Many of the child support software vendors sell multistate software.

Jody Davis: Thanks, Anju.

Lani Baron: Yes – we have different experts, depending on the financial issues that apply to their case.

Bob Bordett: If I set up the drop box, I am the owner of it, and only I can control who can share. Example: They can drop documents into it but cannot delete or edit any documents.

Anju Jessani, MBA, APM: Free.

Lani Baron: I am unsure as to how many people use Propertizer, but we have found it very helpful.

Charlie Rowan: Responding to Jody in NJ – I love Family Law Software. $50/month.

Anju Jessani, MBA, APM: For NJ alone, DivorceWare is about $150 for the year.

Bob Bordett: Proposals?

Amanda Singer: So, What’s Your Proposal? Shifting High-Conflict People from Blaming to Problem-Solving in 30 Seconds! by Bill Eddy.

Charlie Rowan: Similar to Laury’s comment about the word “proposal”, when I talk about “problem solving,” I say the word “problem” is like a math problem or a chess problem; it has no emotional content. It is not good or bad or anyone’s fault; it just is.

Jody Davis: Thank you, Charlie and Anju, for the software info. I am aware of DivorceWare and Family Law, and wonder if there are others. I am just getting started, and watching initial costs is helpful.

Stefanie Beninato: Having a neutral financial specialist for both parties is used in collaborative divorces.

Jody Davis: If life opens up again soon, how comfortable are you with wearing a mask and asking clients to wear masks, vs. continuing to virtually mediate instead?  As a therapist, I do not plan to reopen my practice again until no masks are necessary, and I am wondering how the group feels about this issue.

Anju Jessani, MBA, APM: IN NJ, if you are paying directly, it is easy to modify with a consent  order you both sign, get notarized and submit to the court with a copy of your new child support guideline worksheet.

Jody Davis: Thank you for all of your input, knowledge and experience. very helpful meeting.

Charlie Rowan: Thank you all for a great program.

Harry Manasewich: Thanks to all for your insights!

Eileen Coen: Thank you all!

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