Online Discussions for Family Mediators


Our monthly free video conferences are for APFM members only.

All family mediators are welcome to participate in discussions online in 

APFM’s Facebook Group for Family Mediators.

What Would You Like to Discuss?

Helping clients more effectively? Growing your practice?

These online video conferences and APFM’s Facebook group are designed to give mediators with varying amounts of experience opportunities to converse with each other about almost anything. A member of APFM’s Board of Directors will participate in each video call.

Topics could include:

  • how to handle a specific dilemma in a current case
  • what sort of advertising or marketing works
  • whom, if anyone, should one hire to help with one’s website
  • what are some ways to break impasses
  • how to help families when addiction is in the picture
  • how can one develop a referral network
  • where and how can mediators arrange for face-to-face peer support
  • what to do when your clients’ lawyers are pushing them toward a fight
  • what additional knowledge and skills you need if you want to help families with elder decisions
  • how to handle invoicing and bookkeeping
  • what tasks can be delegated to an employee
  • when to graduate from solo practice to a partnership or group practice

APFM is learning what will best meet members’ needs. The nature of these discussions may evolve as we learn more.

: Online discussions will occur on the first Thursday of each month from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm Eastern. A link to each of these Zoom video conferences will go out to registrants one day before the conference. To receive the link, you must register for the call.

Who: At present these discussions are open only to APFM members. 

Cost: Participation is free. We want to make it easy for members to participate and learn from each other!

Check back for the next scheduled call.

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