APFM 2021

A New Beginning: Reimagining the Art and Science of Family Mediation

Conference: October 15-16, 2021
Preconference Institutes October 14
online via Zoom

Pre Conference Institutes
Thursday, October 14, 2021

Each Institute runs from 1:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific). Each will be recorded.

The Fresh Take Zoom URL has changed

It is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82992818689

Get Three Workshops for the Price of One!

When you register for a single workshop, you’ll gain access to recordings of the other two workshops at no additional cost. Workshop recordings will be made available to registrants after the conference at a date to be determined.


APFM Members: $110.

Non Members: $160

Preconference Institutes

A Fresh Take on Debriefing Mediations: A Reflective Approach for Practitioners, Teachers, and Trainers

Presented by Ellen Waldorf and Susan Terry

Role plays, a central part of every training course, provide trainees with a chance to test out and learn to apply the skills of a mediator. These exercises are opportunities to learn how to think about why they do what they do—to make a connection between thinking and action. Reflective debrief helps mediators reflect on the choices they made during a mediation and examine those choices in light of the values and beliefs they hold. Learning the method of reflective debrief is a discipline that requires practice. That learning is enhanced by working with others committed to this approach. Those who teach people coming into the field and those who present workshops can benefit from learning to teach and manage reflective debriefs. This exploratory workshop looks at a method that has been evolving over the last 20+ years as a way of using both instruction and reflection in order to increase the capacity of new mediators to become reflective practitioners.

“So You Want to Get Married”

Strategies for Reframing the Dreaded Prenuptial Agreement Into a Strategic Roadmap for Marital Financial Relationships

Presented by Chip Rose and Amanda Singer

This Institute is SOLD OUT. But remember that if you register for any other Institute, you will be able to access the recording of all three Institutes! 

Nothing throws a wet blanket on an engaged couple’s excitement like either party bringing up his or her desire for a prenuptial agreement. The emotional “We/Us/Ours” feeling of togetherness instantly devolves into an emotional marker that broadcasts “Me/Mine/Yours”. This workshop will discuss mediation frameworks, strategies, and techniques that will help educate the engaged couple and help them create a fundamental basis for relationship success in handling their assets and finances. Adding pre-marital mediation to your services allows you to expand the clients you work with while changing the stereotyping around these agreements.


21 Truths for Divorce and Family Mediators

Presented by Karen Aurit, Michael Aurit, Don Saposnek, and Susan Guthrie

Becoming an effective “client-centered” mediator begins by looking deeply within yourself.

Who you are at your core—mind, heart, and soul—determines how positively you can affect your clients’ futures, how strategically you can develop and approach your process, and how successfully you can master being mindfully aware. The big question is not “What am I doing?” The big question is, “Who am I becoming?”

You can seek your full potential as a masterful mediator by working from the inside out. By centering around core beliefs and embracing essential attitudes you can align your techniques with philosophies that positively shape your thoughts, actions, and feelings inside the mediation room.

We will engage in an interactive, action-packed discussion of 21 powerful lessons on these foundational mediator attitudes, beliefs, and techniques that will inspire your practice, stimulate new ways of thinking and being, and reinforce principles that you have sincerely believed all along—all of which will prepare you to best support your clients.

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