Continuing Education Credits

CLE/CME Credits in California

We expect that continuing education credits will be approved for family mediators who are licensed as therapists or lawyers in California. As we write this in 2017, California does not have a process for approving CME credits (Continuing Mediation Education credits).

Continuing Education Credits Elsewhere

The APFM recognizes that it is important for members not only to continue their training throughout their careers but also to receive continuing education credits to maintain certification. Unfortunately APFM cannot arrange for continuing education credits in all states and provinces. Most jurisdictions have both a bar association and an organization that accredits mediators, who may or may not be lawyers. Some of APFM’s members also need continuing education credits as psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and other mental health professionals. Some need continuing education credits as divorce financial advisors. Each of those professions has its own accreditation organizations in various states and provinces. Most of APFM’s work is done by volunteers. Applying to more than one hundred organizations for CLE or CME or other education credits for APFM programs is simply beyond our capacity.

However, many organizations in various states and provinces give credit on a case by case basis. The individual who wants credit must ask the organization directly and submit evidence of attending an APFM workshop. In an effort to help attendees pursue continuing education credit, at conferences the APFM will provide a form for the presenter to sign at the end of a workshop for attendees who request evidence of attendance. The attendee is responsible for doing everything else necessary for requesting credit. What is necessary will vary by jurisdiction and field. It may include providing the speaker’s bio and the title and description of the workshop.

If you wish to volunteer to arrange for continuing education credits for others in your area, please contact Virginia Colin at [email protected]

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